We purchased our 171 acre farm in Spring township of Cherokee county in 2004. Our farm is a mix of timber, pasture land, CRP, and some tillable acres. We graze cattle on some of the farm and manage the remainder for wildlife and recreation. We plant most of our tillable acres to corn and soybeans as part of our wildlife management plan. When we heard about your corn to whisky program we decided we had to do it! We had plenty of corn acres available but did not have the equipment to harvest those acres. So, we rounded up all 6 of our kids along with the old hand crank corn sheller that has been in our corn crib for years and got to work. All of the corn for this batch of whisky was hand harvested and shelled by our family over two days. It was a lot of work, but well worth it! – John & Lauri Sells


Corn to Whiskey