Our story begins “on the eleventh day of June in 1869, when Mordecai Smith arrived in Afton Township, Cherokee County, Iowa, to take up his homestead claim. There was nothing there but tall grass prairie, elk, and Native Americans. He came in a covered wagon drawn by oxen and brought his wife, six sons and their livestock. Mordecai was attracted to the Northwest Iowa area because of his previous hunting and fishing trips along the Little Sioux River and the rich prairie soil for excellent farming. They lived in the wagon which they tipped over and made a shelter out of, then a dugout was constructed. When they were ready to build a house, Mordecai and the older boys took their oxen, the running gear off their wagon and drove six days into Sioux City and six days back to purchase supplies to build their house.”

Over the next several generations, the Smith descendants continued to pursue their love of the land and the lifestyle that it provided. They acquired additional ground all by the sweat of their brows, the fire in their bellies and the deep tradition of a farming legacy that now ran through their bloodlines. Specifically, Mordecai’s son, Joe Smith purchased land in Section 19, Afton Township in 1907, which is where our century farm still is in operation today.

Countless Smiths have worked this ground, not out of necessity, but because of the calling from within. Albeit it a soul fulfilling endeavor, the vast cycles of farm life most certainly have challenged them along the way. Whether it be Mother Nature, disease, market fluctuations, or other obstacles, through hard work and commitment, the Smith’s have always persevered. Farming is not for the faint of heart, and yet heart is exactly what leads us to our present day operation known as Smith Agricultural Enterprises.

After losing their father at a young age, Thomas, Mark and Matt, sons of Floyd (Swede) Smith, wrestled with the emotions of wanting to sustain their birthright’s farming legacy all while the lasting effects of the 1980’s farm crisis loomed in their memories.

However, once you have grown to love the land and had a taste of the intangible freedom and stewardship that comes from farming, the sense of longing, honor and duty always call. All three of Swede’s sons were pursuing different careers when it came to fruition that farming is what they know, farming is what they love, and farming is what they will do.

Building upon the legacy of their forefathers, the pioneering hearts of Thomas, Mark and Matt came together to form Smith Agricultural Enterprises LLC. As 6th generation farmers of our family’s land, we take our responsibility seriously to honor those who came before us, and for those who will continue to remain long after we are gone.

Today, Smith Agricultural Enterprises is an ever expanding cow-calf operation, turkey producer, and row-crop operation. Although the farming landscape has evolved over the years, some things remain unchanged in our foundational beliefs. As a testament to our devotion and preservation of our century farm, these beliefs are being passed on to the 7th generation who are also actively engaged on the farm.

A love of God. A love of family. A love of the land.

Thomas P. Smith

Mark, Jennifer, Cedar, Sterling & Kye Smith

Matt, Liz, Clea & Sieler Smith


Corn to Whiskey