The Mehlin farm story started in 1853 with the immigration of Johann and Magdalena Mehlin and their family to America from Germany. Johann Mehlin died at sea from a cholera outbreak on the ship. Newly widowed Magdalena arrived at Ellis Island and was able to get her family to Bureau County, Illinois where they thrived for several years.

In 1877 a descendent of Johann and Magdalena, John Sr., with his wife, who was also named Magdelena, packed up and headed west, to Richardson County Nebraska where they took advantage of the Homestead Act and founded the Mehlin Farm. Henry George Mehlin, son of John Sr. and one of the first Mehlins to be born in America, took over the farm in 1890.

Henry George was widowed suddenly in 1900 with three small children ages 1, 2, and 6. He was able to manage however with the help of Grandma Magdelena until her death in 1912.

Henry George remarried to Matilda Blauer and they had a son, George Emmett Mehlin. George married Lois Korber in 1932 and they had one son, Jerry. Jerry married Bonnie Lewis in 1950 and they had 3 sons and 1 daughter.

Jerry passed in 2016 and the farm is now held by Bonnie Mehlin. It has been in continuous operation for 147 years and still counting. Please enjoy the bourbon made from white corn grown on our farm.


Corn to Whiskey