The Ruzicka ancestors originally migrated to the United States from the Czech Republic in June 1868. Upon arrival, they were supposed to quarantine for 60 days, but were released on July 4th, 1868 to celebrate the Fourth of July. The clan moved to Centerville, WI for 6 years, then on to Fort Atkinson, IA.

The family moved to Floyd County Iowa and purchased Ruzicka Farms on January 5th, 1895. They purchased the 735 acre farm for $30 an acre. It has been farmed by the Ruzicka Family members continuously since.

John Joseph Ruzicka was born on May 21, 1887, in Floyd, Iowa. He married Loretta Lilllian Kelly on November 14, 1939, in Marble Rock, Iowa. They had four children. He died in 1977 in Floyd, Iowa, at the age of 90.

More recently, three brothers, John F, William J, and James P Ruzicka have tended the farm. They have passed their love of farming onto many of their children.

William J Ruzicka and Penny L Ruzicka happen to be my wonderful parents. There are 6 Ruzicka children in our family:

David, Steven and William Ruzicka Jr. still farm the land with our nearly 80 year old father. (Farmers never retire.) Ann (Ruzicka) Moon works for the school district in her hometown. Cindy (Ruzicka) Uetz owns and operates a pharmacy. Cheryl (Ruzicka) Wiltse is an optometrist.

Collectively, they have blessed the family with 15 grandchildren.

Please join our family in enjoying this batch of Century Farm Whiskey! And remember… if you ate it, drank it, or wore it today… thank a farmer!


Corn to Whiskey