Iowa Ave Spirits Farm History

August Brunsen immigrated from Germany to the United States through Ellis Island. He moved to Iowa to join his sister. He married Hannah in 1915. He and his wife gave birth to John Brunsen. John and his wife Francis started farming in Thompson, Iowa in 1941. They bought the family farm near Crystal Lake, Iowa in 1962. The address of the Brunsen farm changed from rural route 2 to 3110 Iowa Avenue in 1986 with the implementation of the 911 system. John and his son, Daryl, farmed this property together. Daryl retired in 2016. Daryl continues to rent this property out for farming. Eric John Brunsen was raised and worked on his family farm until he graduated college. Eric is proud to present “Iowa Ave Spirits” as a product of his family‘s legacy.


Corn to Whiskey