The whiskey we present to you is more than just a product; it’s a culmination of a journey that spans over four decades. Our farming story began in 1979 when we traded city life for the promise of the rural landscapes near Reinbeck, Iowa. Warren, a proud alumnus of the University of Northern Iowa, made a significant shift from a successful accounting career to embrace the challenges and joys of farming.

We were high school sweethearts, marrying in November of 1966. By the time of college graduation, we were a family of three. Our daughter Malissa was born first. Followed by her brother, Rhett. We spent the first nine years living in Dubuque and Clinton.

Our first major farming investment, a John Deere 4440 tractor, became a reliable companion throughout our farming career. This cherished tractor, now a family heirloom, has been passed down to Rhett, who continues the farming legacy on his own land. In addition to cultivating corn and soybeans, we dedicated ourselves to raising hogs, a constant throughout our tenure in agriculture.

Farm life has been filled with stories of triumphs and challenges. From a pickup with dents earned by every family member to clipped fences and a Heider wagon that had a mind of its own in a dry fall, each tale carries the essence of the resilience required in farming. Loading fat hogs, dealing with a busted manure hose, and working in a wet harvest in the early hours on partly frozen ground - these experiences have shaped us.

As we present this whiskey, crafted from the fruits of our last harvest in 2023, we invite you to savor not just the flavors, but the rich history steeped in each drop. It’s a tribute to our past, a nod to the present and a toast to the future. We hope you enjoy this product of our life’s work.


Corn to Whiskey