Brian and Mary (Stephens) Carlson are the fourth generation to live on this original 80 Acre, now ‘Heritage Farm’ in Page County, Iowa. Mary, daughter of Carl and Lois (Beavers) Stephens grew up on this farm and after 34 years away, was able to build a new house and move back home in 2021. Brian and Mary have 4 grown children: Jackie, Dan, Nick and Kate. Jackie and husband Daniel Meier, along with his brother and father, farm the land. Farm ground is corn/bean rotation and some grass pasture for the Cow/Calf operation.

Carl and Lois (Beavers) Stephens raised 6 children farming this land they purchased from Lois’s father Walter Beavers, making them the third generation to live on and work the land. In the fall of 1975, Iowa Public Television filmed and produced a movie called “Six American Families”. The Stephens family was selected as one of the ‘six’ and the film was released in 1976. During the filming of this movie, the Iowa Secretary of Agriculture flew to the farm by helicopter to present Lois the ‘Century Farm’ Award.

Walter Beavers, Mary’s grandfather lived and worked most of his life on or within ½ mile from this farm. Even though Mary was young when Walter passed away, she still has many fond memories of her grandpa. His father, Thomas Hamer Beavers and wife Sarah Amanda (Painter) Beavers arrived on this farm in 1879 by covered wagon. They purchased 80 acres originally and later another 80 from cousins who owned the land going back to 1866, earning the, 150+ year family ownership and Heritage status. Thomas built the house Mary grew up in in 1899, and was torn down in 2004, standing for 105 years. Two years later in 1901 Thomas built “the barn” which still stands today and is a major landmark on Hwy 71.

Our hope is for our children, grandchildren and beyond to have the same passion, strength and perseverance our ancestors and ourselves have for Family and Farm.

Corn to Whiskey