Century Farms Bourbon & Corn Whiskey

Our flagship bourbon & corn whiskey, made only from Century Farm corn. Century Farms is available in our tasting room - come by and try it out!

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Open Gate Vodka & Sweet Tea Vodka

The story of hard work, cold winters, hot summers and living life like someone left the gate open. Our unflavored vodka can disappear into any cocktail, while our Sweet Tea vodka has a silky-smooth, refreshing flavor. Both products are available in stores in and around Iowa.

Open Gate Vodka: Iowa ABD Product Number 37131
Open Gate Sweet Tea Vodka: Iowa ABD Product Number 39168

American Classic Corn Whiskey

American Classic Corn Whiskey celebrates the American farmer.

American Classic Corn Whiskey: Iowa ABD Product Number 86025

Prairie States Bourbon & Barrel-Aged Corn Whiskey

Prairie States Bourbon & Prairie States Barrel-Aged Corn Whiskey is perfect for cocktails or just sipping - however you like to enjoy it!

Prairie States Bourbon Whiskey: Iowa ABD Product Number 26269

Prairie States Unaged High Proof

Prairie States Unaged High Proof moonshine is bottled at 125 proof (62.5% alcohol by volume). It puts the more subtle corn flavors of our whiskey on full display.

Where to Buy

You can buy all of our products – and more – at our distillery and tasting room in Spencer!

Our products are distributed by the Iowa Alcoholic Beverages Division and are available at grocery and liquor stores across Okoboji and beyond. Ask for any of our products by name or ABD number at your local liquor store.

Our products are distributed in Minnesota by Doll Distributing and in South Dakota by Okoboji Wines.